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    Platinum: 10,000 EGP

·      Top Placement on conferenxe banner

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·      Platinum table position

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   Gold: 5,000 EGP

·      Gold Position on Conference Banner .

·      Gold position on Porgram Site .

·      Gold table position .

·      Featured Logo on Website


If you don’t see a Sponsorship level that satisfies your needs, please contact us:ESR_2016@unv.tanta.edu.eg


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The 4th Conference for Enhancing Scientific Research(ESR2016).

Scientific Research Excellence in Innovation and Sustainable Development
 For More Information, Registration, and Submitting abstracts
Website: : http://esr.tanta.edu.eg
Email: ESR_2016@unv.tanta.edu.eg
Tel: (+2) 0127 731 3451